They are young! They are sexy! They have a success of madness! Here is The Wanted! You definitely know this English boysband, their single Glad You Came is massive in Europe, but also in the United States!

When I was told that I was going to interview them, I planned wax earplugs express to have no eardrums drilled by the delirious crowd which waited in front of the hotel. I also well warmed up because to interview Max, Nathan, Siva, Tom and Jay, it is not surely!

Enjoy! ;)

Last night was the worldwide premiere of the documentary movie about David Guetta, Nothing But The Beat The Movie. It was shown at the Grand Rex Theater in Paris in front of an ecstatic crowd.

But before you guys have a look on the red carpet arrival and watch the frenzy of fans when the worldwide international French couple actually appeared, let me tell you about my evening!!

  • 7 pm: I’m invited to David Guetta’s press conference.

Before that, I was told there would be no one-to-one interviews. OK! No problem. Anyway I was also especially specified that the conference would be “international, you know“. Well let’s speak English, thank you very much. Wait a minute, it means I have to speak English with David Guetta? OK… Weird… But no problem.

FYI so that you can better understand, a press conference is:

- A hotel lounge
- Journalists
- Appetisers and champagne
- And a star who is here to answer really boring questions. And at some point everyone is bored, even the star…

  • 8:30 pm: Our friend David enters the room.

He is very relaxed. Applause. He’s cool. He seems like he is completely overwhelmed by the whole consideration we have for him. English, Dutch and Spanish journalists are here. Let’s roll.

Everybody asks questions in English, except that Spanish journalist. Believe it or not, she has the presumptuousness to use her native language. Note for later: David Guetta can also speak in Spanish. This guy is good!

  • 9 pm: end of the press conference.

The thing to have in mind is that David Guetta made this movie to let the audience know about his work and to show how crazy his life is. David loves Ibiza. He feels at home there. David and Cathy are not jealous of each other’s success. They actually support each other. David is happy that electro is the new popular music. Let’s hope it lasts.

  • 9:02 pm: David is asking me why I spoke to him in English. What the hell is this? (I mean seriously?!)
  • 9:03 pm: Don’t know what to say to him. I kinda feel like an idiot. (You know what! I didn’t have the choice!)
  • 9:04 pm: He’s gone, already in a cab, heading for his movie premiere at the Grand Rex theater. Feel now like a complete idiot. (Well gonna have a glass of champagne now.)
  • 10:36 pm: It took more than an hour and a half to David to go from the hotel to the Grand Rex theater; which is something clearly impossible. Except if he stopped by … the Seine-et-Marne department. Anyway…

He looks happy to be here, a bit stressed out though. He seems to enjoy the moment and he is right! Let’s not forget that David Guetta is the only French artist who managed to reach such an international fame. I’m fascinated by his success. I think it’s really awesome!

FINALLY I can talk to him in French. What a thrill! And of course we got that moment on camera (phew!) and here it is for you guys. It is exclusive!


His website :

His Twitter :

Translation by Marion B.

Her name is Marie-Mai (Bouchard). She is from Quebec, as you can guess listening to her singsong accent. Caribou!
Ok, for sure, Marie-Mai has an amazing ability to change the color of her hair (check out on Google pics), But man, let me tell you something, the girl can sing!!! Her voice is warm and a bit husky. I like that!!

If in France we’ve known her pretty recently thanks to the duet she made with Simple Plan Jet Lag, Marie-Mai started her career a few years ago and she will carry on!

I won’t say no more. She tells you everything better than I do in an interview she gave me, in a recording studio!


Her last album Version 3.0 is available!

Her Website : OU

Her Twitter :

Joe Jonas (let’s be honest, the cutest of the Jonas Brothers) was in Paris a few days ago to present his first album FastLife. TheVirgin MegaStore along the Champs-Elysées had even organized a CD-signing event for this occasion.

But I got really lucky because Joe explicitly invited me for a Rendez-Vous just the two of us in a suite.

It gave me the opportunity to meet this handsome young man, a young man able to make girls – and boys! – fantasize. As interviews are usually a bit formal with Americans because they know their speech by heart, I actually had to relax the atmosphere a little. So I made Joe discover some Frenchy French culinary specialties. And guess what? I made him rap! ;)


His Twitter :!/joejonas

Official website for the Jonas Brothers: :

A big thank you to the Hôtel Renaissance !

English Translation by Marion.

People predicted for her a short career. Two years after her super big hit Hot, Inna is still in the business. Since then, her music has transcended the frontiers of her native land Romania.

Most of her songs take over the Dance charts’ highest spots in France, Belgium, Russia, Bulgaria and Portugal… And Inna exports her music more and more; in fact, she has just started a tour in South America. Last October, her second album entitled I am the Club Rocker. was released. She got many awards rewarding her hits and guys keep fantasize about her (Yes, the beautiful Inna can wear light clothing… but always with awesome shoes, let me tell you).

Staying for a few days in Paris, her favorite town, she invited me to go with her to the Cineaqua-Aquarium in Paris for a very relaxing tour. I had the chance to ask her how she handles with her more and more international fame; but also to discover one of her hidden talents! Actually Inna can imitate an animal to perfection. Which one?? I’ll let you guys find out!


Her website :

Her Twitter :!/inna_ro

Many thanks to Peggy and the Aquarium de Paris Team

English Translation by Marion.